TV company

Studio 360 Degrees is a professional TV company since 2013.
We create turnkey TV content, from its inception and script to post production and placement, as well as support and maintain such projects.

Our Company has its own production facilities and equipment and employs more than 150 experienced staff members.
Our Services
TV shows concepts
Staff recruitment
Promos and commercials
Monetization of existing TV programs by deploying various types of paid services
Running TV studios and TV channels
Alignment of paid service delivery processes
Logistics of goods and services
IT support
Protection of intellectual property rights ( in partnership with Goldblum Law Firm)
Novoe Vremya TV News Program and Online News Resource
Production of TV news for Russian-speaking audience in Germany, the Baltic States and other EU countries based on news feeds from the world's largest news agencies; up to 8 daily newscasts running from 10 to 15 minutes.

Dubbing, copyright and filling the program site with current events.

Real-time instant updates on urgent breaking news (accidents, acts of terrorism, other important events)
Novoe Vremya, 16 July 2016, 09:00
The coup in Turkey, the terrorist attack in Nice
Production of animated television weather forecasts running 5 minutes with updates 2 times a day.
Zolotoy Vek (Golden Age) Jewelry TV Shop
Classical on couch online shops selling top-quality gold and silver jewelry. Daily live broadcasts in Germany, Latvia and other EU countries as well as in Israel, USA, and Canada (8 TV channels).

Complete production cycle: from product range formation and procurement to call center customer service and logistics.

In-house call center employing 35 people.
Zolotoy Vek
Provida Interactive TV Astro Show
Daily live broadcasts in Germany, EU countries, Israel, USA, and Canada (5 TV channels) running between 60 and 120 minutes. Complete TV production cycle, marketing, paid service logic, professional customer advising. Special in-house call center employing 40 people.
Provida TV Show ​​
Noviy Mir (New World) TV Channel
It is a TV channel for the Russian-speaking diaspora in Europe (Germany, the Baltic States, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, France, and other EU countries).

Broadcasting on Hotbird satellite, via cable networks, IPTV set-top boxes and on-line.

Creating the TV channel ab initio: concept, geography, branding and identity, broadcasting network formation, content purchase (movies, series, and programs), creating own TV programs, marketing and distribution.
Neue Welt (Novyi Mir) TV Channel ​
Deutsche Medien Informatik UG
Logistic services in Germany, the Baltic States, Israel. Import and export services, interaction with customs, ordered goods delivery. Processing payment orders.
In-house logistics centers in Düsseldorf (since 2014), Riga (since 2016), and Tel Aviv (expected in late 2016).
TVC Satellit

Video post-production, colour correction, call centers operation, maintenance service.
We are interested in cooperation with TV channels in different countries and in various broadcast languages to place own-produced programs.
Also, we can offer different solutions for monetizing existing projects on TV channels or create new projects in cooperation with TV channels.

Our team has extensive experience and the necessary staff to launch TV channels of different concepts and support their operation.
We are interested in cooperation with
Cable and IPTV operators

We are interested in the vastest audience possible for our projects and are open to cooperation with cable providers and IPTV operators. We can discuss both adding more channels managed by the Company to your playlist and placing commercials and promotional materials on your air as well as other advertising activities.

Please contact us to discuss the possible ways of cooperation.
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Phone: +44 (203) 514 99 43
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